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Definition of 'OLOGY': A subject of study; a branch of knowledge
LOCOLOGY: The study, the knowledge, the growth of Locs, it's culture, lifestyle and it's diversity in the hair and natural hair community.


​Yannie the Locologist, is owner of Locology LLC and is well known and established in the business of Locs care and the health of Locs.

Yannie employs an endearing blend of her warm personality along with her knowledge and experience of Locs, the culture, and the lifestyle to put her clients at ease while she works on their crowns.

Born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Yannie was raised by parents deeply rooted in the Rastafarian movement and it's underlying spiritual influences and cultural values. Her upbringing in the culture continues to play a large part in the way she views the world and the way she conducts her business and runs her company.

Yannie initially moved to the US around 2000, pursuing a career in the medical & healthcare industry.  But after the economical upheavals of 2008 that led to a series of layoffs and set backs she decided enough was enough, and that led to the decision to start her own company and be her own boss. Shortly after that bold choice, Locology LLC was born.

Unlike others in the business of Locs maintenance, Yannie incorporates her experience in the medical field to give additional value to the care she lovingly bestows on her clients hair, which incidentally is a major factor in her refusal to adopt the more popular “loctician” title that other Locs care providers use. With her knowledge of medical terminology  she decided to use a more scientific and specialist title, hence the use of the word “LOCOLOGIST™” which is also owned, trademarked and Registered by her.

Yannie continues to work with clients from various walks of life including finance, law enforcement, legal, medical, educational, entertainment fields and more. Her hard work and persistence has paid off, with an expanding Locs business in New Jersey and Georgia. The Locology brand is also expanding to include a media arm, clothing, as well as a growing and blossoming presence in the entertainment industry and most importantly, the Loc community.