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My work is not about technique, styling, or the popular products that's on the market. My work is about the holistic approach to locs. The clients that comes to me, comes for that purpose. Clients hair are NOT twisted or palm rolled. Gels, clips, dryers, or other un-natural products are NOT used. The techniques I chose to use are based on the client's hair texture and growth pattern. Only natural oils are used. A mixture of 100% natural oils are designed ONLY for his/her hair and scalp needs. I explain what oils are being used and the purpose they serve. As THE ONLY LOCOLOGIST, I have an obligation to educated my clients on proper locs care and knowing how to take care of their crown the right way during the time until their next visit. This information is given so the client knows how to maintain a healthy crown

After the consultation the next step is the  wash or what I call 'Loc Detox'. I explain each and everything I'm doing. No information is withheld. After all, clients needs to know what is being done to their hair and what's being put in it. The Longer the hair the longer the wash takes (and no, my clients don't pay extra for that). A solution is mixed and if the client has hair that's passed their shoulders, their hair is then soaked in what I call a 'Loc Bath' until all build-up and un-natural products are removed. After the detox I then work on cleansing the scalp of all impurities. Healthy hair starts with the wash. My washes can last 30 min or more. At this time I encourage the client to relax and look at the experience as a spa treatment for their hair and scalp.

When new clients arrive they are not rushed to the sink for a hair wash and then for the locking process to start. My clients are seen as individuals, not as paychecks. Time is carefully taken to ensure the best experience.  Before I start physically working on the client, we sit and have a consultation. And yes my consultations are free. I carefully observe and examine the clients hair and scalp and further explain what their hair issues are and suggest some solutions to get their locs back to a healthy state. The consultations are 'HOLISTIC'. I explain to the client that I'm not a loctician and that my work is solely about the health of hair. I discuss all natural products, methods, diet, even lifestyle. All these can contribute to the health of hair

At Locs By Yannie it's more than you're 'getting your hair done', it's an experience. Each and every client is seen ONLY by appointments. There are no walk-ins. Each session is strictly one-on-one. Once the appointment is set, a client never have to worry about someone else taking their time slot. 24 hours before the appointment the client receives a message via text or call reminding them of their appointment. You may ask why are my Loc Sessions strictly one-on-one it's because 80% of the clients that comes to me have extremely damaged hair. I see clients with extreme hair lost and scalp issues. The last thing a client would want is for others to see the condition of their hair. My clients confidentiality and privacy is an important part of the Loc experience.

You've made an appointment to get your locs done by a loctician/stylist/hairdresser,  and depending on the situation, it can be an ordeal for most. Some of the complaints I hear from new clients when they talk about previous appointment at other establishments is  the long waiting,  making appointment for specific date and time and it not being honored, loud and unruly conversations from other waiting clients or even staff members. The list goes on. At Locs By Yannie the expiernce is quite different in both New Jersey.  Let me explain